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Composite panels are also known as ‘sandwich panels’. These are popular construction materials which consist of an insulation core between two metal or plastic facings. This type of panelling is mainly used for external walls, internal structures, and roof structures through many different industries, this includes cold storage, warehousing, food, hotels, and other environments which adhere to the UK’s hygiene standards. Each composite panel has different technical properties, so it is important to make sure that the correct panelling has been selected. Here at ASAP, we offer surveys to ensure your composite panelling is meeting the legal requirements.


This new totally integrated ASAP Comply product relates to Composite Panels manufactured and installed to BS EN 14509:2013 – Self Supporting Double Skin Metal Faced Insulating Panels.

It has been developed in conjunction with insurance syndicates, loss adjusters, insurance brokers and with industry support.

 The aims of this Composite Panel Survey and Report are:

  • to ensure the adequate inspection of Composite Panels for damage.
  • to manage the process of identifying and rectifying damaged Composite Panels.
  • to consider Insurer’s Requirements and ensure compliance with the same.
  • to consider permit to work systems to manage contractors working on or near Composite Panels.
  • to review the Fire Protection of ‘live services’ in or around Composite Panels.
  • to prepare Site Plans and Drawings of Composite Panels and locations for inspection and maintenance purposes and for use by the Fire and Rescue Services.
  • to consider Safe Working Loads for Composite Panels.

Report Contents

The survey is supported by plans and drawings produced on ‘Revit’ which is BIM compatible. All damaged panels are photographed to record the damage and have thermographic photographs taken to review the impact of the damage on thermal efficiency of the panels.

3D Tour Included

A thermal video of the premises / process is taken together with a full 3D tour of the premises. This allows remote reviewing of issues with our clients. It also allows our compliance team to identify other potential issues within the premises which fall outside of the scope of this instruction, such as Fire Risk issues, Legionella issues, Health & Safety issues etc.

The report identifies the total number of panels in the premises, how many have no issues, those that have defects but no action is required, those that have defects where remediation works are necessary, panels that need replacing, areas that need further investigation and any panels that are excluded because of lack of access.

Areas of high damage are dealt with by designing protective measures to prevent recurrent damage. Remote camera’s can be installed to inspect high traffic / suspect areas on a regular basis. All measure being designed with the insurer’s requirements in mind.

It is an industry leading report and backed by the range of images and 3D tour creates a baseline for the management of Composite Panels. The period between updates will be dictated by the insurer’s requirements.

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