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If you are in a building constructed before 2000, on a brownfield site or use old equipment it is likely that there has been or could still be a risk of asbestos exposure.

Once an asbestos survey has been completed you will know:

  • Whether you have Asbestos Containing Materials in your premises.
  • What type it is, where it is and how much there is and in what condition.

This information provides a baseline from which the risk to the building occupants can be considered. This “second stage” looks at the risk posed by the asbestos to the occupiers during their normal daily activities. Strictly speaking, this stage is the duty holder’s responsibility but ASAP Comply are able to provide guidance and support by developing a written Asbestos Management Plan particularly if the property has particular asbestos challenges.

Asbestos Management Plan

This written plan makes the property compliant with current Health & Safety legislation.  It is imperative that the recommendations made in the plans are strictly adhered to maintain compliance.  It will include your Asbestos Register – a legal document which defines where your asbestos is and in what condition.

The plan will also include any plans for future work and will usually recommend periodic inspections to determine whether any of the asbestos materials have degraded.  If they have, then Remediation Works may be required to maintain the materials in a safe condition.

It is important that employees, contractors and any other maintenance workers including cleaners are aware of the risks associated with the asbestos in your premises.


Keeping Records up to date

Update the asbestos register whenever you have work done on asbestos materials.

Check materials at least once a year to make sure they haven’t deteriorated, then check your asbestos register and identify who is going to make these checks, when and why i.e. are they appropriately trained or qualified? Update your Asbestos Management Plan and date it.

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