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Asbestos can be found in any industrial or residential building built or refurbished before the year 2000.  It is in many of the common materials that were used in the building trade that you may come across. When materials that contain asbestos are disturbed or damaged, fibres are released into the air.  When these fibres are inhaled they can cause serious diseases.  These diseases will not affect  you immediately, they often take a long time to develop, but once diagnosed, it is often too late to do anything.  This is why it is important to protect yourself now.

It is a legal obligation of business owners and managers who have a duty of care for their employees, customers or residents and to understand and minimise any asbestos risk, by completing an Asbestos Risk Assessment. We are accredited by UKAS as an inspection body for  asbestos surveying, sampling and re-inspections.  This accreditation covers the impartiality and consistency of our inspection activities.    All our samples are analysed at an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. We provide asbestos risk assessments and can  produce, check or update any asbestos registers. 

In addition we offer Licensed and Non-Licensed  asbestos removal and asbestos encapsulation. Call us today for advice on your business asbestos compliance.


Asbestos Surveys

A management survey will be required during the normal occupation and use of the building to ensure continued management of asbestos containing materials in situ.  This ensures that you have a plan in place for reactive or planned maintenance affecting an area in the building which contains asbestos.

Sampling is done with minor intrusion and sent to an accredited UK laboratory with the results analysed within 3 to 4 days. A refurbishment or demolition survey will be necessary when the building (or part of it) is to be upgraded, refurbished or demolished. Again detailed sampling is done to determine the extent and nature of any asbestos present prior to any demolition/refurbishment works. This involves destructive inspection and asbestos disturbance, so the area surveyed must be vacated, then certified “fit for reoccupation after the asbestos survey.


Asbestos Removal

We can assist in the removal of asbestos, working with a number of HSE licensed partners.   All our partners must also be members of  the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association ARCA and/or the Thermal Insulation Contractor’s Association (TICA). We project manage the removal of asbestos and the re-inspection of a property once removals are complete giving independent reassurance if acquiring or disposing of a property. All asbestos we remove is disposed of under the UK’s Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, monitored by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive. We work principally in the construction industry but we can help with domestic asbestos removals such as shed roofs, garages and boiler flues.

ASAP Comply Ltd are accredited to UKAS BS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for the inspection and re-inspection of Asbestos. All samples taken are analysed by a UKAS independent laboratory accredited to ISO / IEC 17025.

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ISO 45001:2018

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