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Air Conditioning Systems must be inspected every 5 years

A TM44 Air Conditioning Survey  is designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce consumption, reduce operating costs and the carbon emissions from your air conditioning system. The report provided will highlight improvements to the systems and potential opportunities for replacing older or oversized systems with new modern energy efficient systems.

Only an accredited energy assessor can inspect your air conditioning system.

The replacement of refrigerant is restricted in older systems so it can be cheaper and more efficient to replace older systems with more modern energy efficient units.

The TM44 Air Conditioning Survey report includes as a minimum:

  • the likely efficiency of the system
  • suggestions made for improvement
  • faults identified during the inspection and suggested actions
  • the adequacy of equipment maintenance and suggestions for improvement
  • adequacy of installed controls and control settings and suggestions made for improvement
  • size of the installed system in relation to the cooling load and suggestions for improvement
  • summary of findings with key recommendations

Which businesses need a TM44 Inspection?

All Businesses which typically have a cooling capacity greater than 12KW are required to have a Valid Air Conditioning Inspection report and a certificate in place.  This was introduced in January 20111.  Typically premises of 200M2 are likely to fall into the 12 – 250KW category – however this area can be much smaller if it includes lots of ICT equipment.  Larger premises with a cooling capacity greater than 250KW have had compulsory inspections since 2009.


What the Law Says

The Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) was introduced in 2009 to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings.  By law all reports must be uploaded to a central database which can be accessed by the public.

Acquiring a property

If you have just moved into a space or acquired a building with air conditioning, the regulation requires that you must have a valid air conditioning report within three months of occupation.

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