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Fire Door Surveys

Fire doors are important because they keep fire or smoke in the room or “compartment” in which the fire started.  By having a secure compliant fire door, the spread of fire can be prevented from spreading to other areas of the building.  Fire doors are an integral part of any building’s structural fire protection system.

Why consider a Fire Door Survey

  • It is a legal requirement to ensure that fire resisting doors and escape doors are correctly installed and adequately maintained so they are fit for purpose.
  • To ensure that the fire compartmentation in your building isn’t compromised.
  • Doors suffer frequent use and wear and tear so it is important to check them regularly.
  • You need a trained eye to identify faults in gaps and seals, apertures and closers.

What we will do

  • Review all available documentation relative to a building including Drawings, Fire Strategy Documents, Inspection Records
  • Visit in person and Survey the fire Doors in the building
  • Identify and document the fire-resisting construction, it’s status and any issues relating to sealing, materials used including hard to reach areas such as ducting or suspended ceilings.
  • Identify corrective works or actions to preserve the integrity of any damaged fire doors
  • Project Manage these works if needed

Want to know more?

The images shown are somewhat extreme, but it is important to note that even the smallest breaks in compartmentation can have devastating effacts on the spread of fire.  Smoke will squeeze through any gap however small so it is so important that compartmentation is considered particularly when you have had any kind of refurbishment works.

If you suspect that the integrity of your Compartmentation has been compromised, this new ASAP Comply Ltd service will provide you with an independent and professional baseline frm which to make improvements to restore the integrity of each designed area.


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Fire Compartmentation Survey

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